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Seasons Child Development Center

Founded in 2012, Seasons Child Development Center provides the highest quality early childhood education and childcare in Philadelphia. We thrive on nurturing our children in a conducive learning environment with educators who love children.

Seasons Child Development Center has established itself as the trusted name and leader in delivering top-notch quality early childhood services. We provide all year round industry-quality education for toddlers and preschoolers.

At Seasons Child Development Center, we believe that every child in Philadelphia deserves to be part of a learning environment that promotes fun discoveries and an active lifestyle. We ensure that children under our care will have fun learning and discovering things.

We are also passionate about making a significant difference in children’s lives, and we want to foster their love for learning at an early age. As we continuously bring out the best in children, we equip our educators with all the essential skills and knowledge to deliver the best outcomes.

We have an in-depth understanding of children’s needs, and we work hard to meet their needs while ensuring they are happy and having fun. Our classroom has various learning areas to give every learner an excellent opportunity to pursue multiple interests, including Science, Math, Art, Literacy, Music, and many more.

We want our learning center to be a perfect and safe place to let children grow, learn, and play. Every time we see smiles on their faces, we will feel we are meeting our expectations. With that, we become even more inspired and motivated to continue providing the best services.

Our Mission

Seasons Child Development Center is committed to high-quality early childhood education services to children of any social, economic background, and ethnicity. Seasons Child Development Center understands every PARENT desires to provide their children WITH the learning and development they deserve.

Seasons Child Development Center understands every parent’s desire to provide their children the learning and development they deserve. We ensure to deliver the best learning environment to every child through qualified educators and engaging learning activities.

Our vision

Seasons Child Development Center provides a wholistic approach to learning through developmentally appropriate practices in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Learning Standards in a safe, nurturing environment where learning and play collide.